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Blade Mistress is a server-centric, ultra-low bandwidth, persistent world, massively multiplayer, 3D graphical fantasy role-playing game. In a magic world filled with dangerous monsters and fantastic adventure, the eight Great Spirits watch over a matriarchal human society. The heroines of the land include warrior Blade Mistresses, magical Enchantresses, and artistic Craftswomen. All three types of heroine protect and promote the small human population that exists in this fearsome and challenging world. Blade Mistress currently has PvE combat, trading, crafting, chatting, character advancement, guilds, totem magic, and ritual magic. It also has dungeons and guild towers that can be edited by the players themselves. Blade Mistress lets each player create up to eight characters. Each character can be named, and can be customized with an array of faces and clothes. The hair and clothes can also be changed to almost any color. The creation process also lets the player distribute points among the Physical, Magical, and Creative statistics of the character. These statistics modify the different skills and actions of the character in the game.

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